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Arnold Park


  1. Basketball
  2. Dog Park
  3. Grill
  4. Picnic Tables
  5. Playground
Neighborhood Arnold Park was named after Frances Arnold Ellis who deeded the land to the City of Greenville in 1992, the park was build shortly after with colorful metal playground equipment (which was very popular in the 1990s early 2000s). Since then a new playground was installed in 2016, which uses more modern materials and is enclosed by mulch surfacing to keep the kids safe. 
In 2020 the Park Street Historical Association made a generous donation for a Dog Park to be put in and the Dog Park opened in January 2021. 
It also has a half-court basketball court, a picnic table, and benches around the playground area where parents can sit and watch their kids play. The park is close to homes so that people in the neighborhood can have a park as their extended backyard.