The City of Greenville is continuously working to improve existing facilities as well as looking at the future needs of our park amenities.  Please go out and visit our parks, if there is something you would like for us to add to our parks, please email us at 

2021-2022 Approved Projects

1)  Austin Park - City council approved funds to develop the vacant Austin School Building property located at 1700 Wesley.  

2) Oak Creek Park - Funds were approved in the budget for a lighted trail that will outline the perimeter of Oak Creek Park. 

2020/2021 Completed Projects

1)  Updated all parks, golf and cemetery ordinances as well as implemented a park development requirements on all homes being built in Greenville. 

2)  The Splash Pad at Ja-Lu Community Park was resurfaced.

3)   Arnold Dog Park was built by our Parks Maintenance staff with a generous     donation by the Park Street Historical Association 

4)  Blue Field Shade Structure was constructed as part of the pay as you go project at the SportsPark. 

5)  Basketball Court Resurfacing and update was completed at Graham Park and Arnold Park.