Rules & Regulations

All of the City of Greenville Parks facilities have rules established to help maintain, preserve and enhance your recreation experience. To view the City Ordinances for Parks, Playgrounds, and Recreation facilities please click on the link. Please help us keep your parks clean and in safe working order by reporting any damage, graffiti or broken equipment that could become a safety hazard. You can call our office at 903-457-2994 or email us at  

General Park Rules – Rules have been established to govern the use of general activity areas. All rules have been established with patron safety in mind.

  1. Park Hours: 6:00 AM—10:30 PM
  2. Use of public park facilities is at your own risk, no supervision provided
  3. Report any damages or concerns to 903-457-2994 (Parks and Recreation) or 903-457-2900 (Police)
  4. Smoking Prohibited, including electronic vaping devices. (Parking Lot Only)
  5. Drug and Weapon Free Area
  6. Possession and/or consumption of alcohol prohibited without an alcohol permit
  7. No glass containers on park property
  8. All motorized vehicles must be left in designated parking areas and are not allowed to be driven or parked on any grass areas or sidewalks at any time
  9. Privately-owned charcoal grills are not permitted on grass areas or on picnic tables located in the park. Gas grills are allowed on grassy areas only
  10. Pets are always to remain on a leash; Pet owners must immediately clean up after pet
  11. Vandalizing or defacing any structures, facilities, or natural features is prohibited
  12. Park visitors are to pick up all trash and items they bring
  13. All other City Ordinances shall be enforced
  14. Video surveillance in use at this facility